Architectural shapes, myriad textures and mixing of organic and inorganic material have always been Amit Aggarwal’s forte. For his latest collection, the designer took inspiration from Bindi, a small red dot worn as a forehead decoration by women. Amit translated the Bindi into varied patterns and prints which in turn evolved into structural shapes in the garments.

With this collection the designer also addressed the current environmental issues of waste management. The futuristic collection sends across the message of ‘Realocating ‘waste rather than relocating. Over layered with the indigenous textile story, the designer used a variety of materials - industrial waste, recycled handlooms and plastics.

Asymmetric cuts, boxy silhouette, electric prints and metallic surfaces, combined with a fabric story of Chanderi, ikat & mesh offered a range of clothing such as jackets, printed skater dresses, shirts with exaggerated pockets, straw skirts, and shrugs, including few dyed pieces. The metallic gumboots with abstract designs and the stockings were effortlessly strong and rebelliously feminine.


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