Titled ‘Trail Tales’, the collection will be reminiscent of the places visited by the designer, the travel plans and memorable souvenirs. “I've been travelling quite a lot in the past few months and that is how the collection 'Trail Tales' was born”, Rimi said.

Inspired by cartographic art of the modern era the collection aims to takes you on a road of travel and discovery. Cartography, the art of making maps, is an age-old technique which is represented in the collection graphically and through a plethora of interwoven webs of intricate surface-embellishment techniques, forming the thematic base. A vibrant combination of bold colours and geometric shapes combine to create a collection that is synonymous with travel maps.

The designs are created in sync with her signature Bengali typeface to develop graphical artwork. Various hand-crafted techniques like cutwork, thread-texturing and hand-embroidery can be seen in this artistic collection. In a fabric story of georgette, crepe, handloom cotton and satin the shades of blue and green predominantly feature in the collection along with highlights of bright vibrant colours. 

The collection offers an array of Long resort-wear dresses; draped jackets, summer tunics, trousers and tops along with flared gowns form the heart of the silhouette.

Rimi Nayak’s show is on Saturday, 21st March 2015 at 01:30 PM at the Lakme Fashion Week 2015.


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