Gender liberated! Named “UNISEX”, the collection broke all the barriers of gender specific clothing. With men in miniskirts, dresses corset and even ball gown and women in trousers and strong shouldered oversized jackets, Vivienne created a collection that explicitly defied all the rules of gender specific clothing. Tortured tailoring and deconstructed silhouette, along with drapes and fringes were very much the designer’s signature design aesthetics.

And, yes, with the gender bender as the essence of the collection,and even the emerging trend for Fall Winter 2015, Vivienne’s bride (groom?) was a male model wearing a historical corset gown and the groom was a female model sporting a jacket minus the bra, worn with a pair of shorts and a giant hat.

In totality, the collection could be little intimidating and confusing, but the message was clear, “break the unspoken rules of clothing”.



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